These are made up from a load of rear NOS Silver 1020's that have been re-anodised and rebuilt with original Dia Compe parts.  All the front pivot bolts are genuine 1980's Dia Compe (we sourced a bunch from some Nos Front MX1000).  

The only part that is not original 80's is the adjustment barrel mount/bracket.  The originals were rivetted on and had to be removed for anodising, so we have used the more recent (Dia Compe) threaded type when re-assembling ( see pics of rear of caliper for details).  The barrels are still the original 80's ones.


    • Refinished ('New') Old Stock
    • Re-annodised in Gold
    • Dia Compe 1020 Calipers 1984
    • Original 80's Dia Compe Pads
    • Made up from original 80's stock from Asia
    • Both Pivot Bolts genuine Dia Compe
    • I hesitate to call these NOS as they have been refinished and the barrel mount is not 1980's.
    • We have a couple of genuine 80's Dia Compe, Used Short Rear Pivot Bolts that are correct for Raleigh Burners (or any other BMX that has a flat rear brake bridge).  Please let us know if required and we can swap them over free of charge, so your caliper can fit correctly onto your frame correctly (without having to used loads of spacers).  
    • We can also supply the genuine 80's 'Caliper restraints' (Dia Compe type) as used on the Burners back in the day.  We have about three of four used sets of these in varying used condition, please get in touch to discuss.  Price is typically about £4-8, if bought with the calipers, depending on conditon.